Reflections on Human Happiness

Life comes with no meaning at its birth.

It is correct that human life does not come with a meaning at the time of its birth,but it is endowed with a strong force to live right from that point on, which remains alive till its end.

This strong will to physically survive forms the basis of the mental existence of most of the human beings. If we did not have that force within us, many humans would end their lives due to their painful struggle with the extreme economic, social, cultural, and political forces opposing their existences. So, life does come with a rai·son d’ê·tre for its existence.

Happiness depends on self-delusion.         .

The other meanings we give to our existences are purely human creations, nothing to do with the universe. But they can be meaningful to humans. Let us say a man wants to devote his life to the upliftment of the downtrodden.  It is perfectly meaningful. The existential state of man is such that while he is born without a purpose, but he can pick up one from the rich oeuvre of human culture. If he does not pick any, then most likely he will lead a frustrated and unfulfilled life. Therein lies the drama of human existence. So, the art of a meaningful existence is to pick one of the purposes that best suits one’s abilities and personality. If you do not pick any you will still survive, but with a lot of struggle and woes. For a common man, even devoting his life to his family is meaningful. Many artists, scientists, and humanists devote their lives to a purpose higher than their lives. And that is being absolutely creative. Einstein emphasized creativity in pursuit of existence. Otherwise, you may end up being a neurotic, alcoholic, or a bum. But since many people are incapable of being creative, and do not have a philosophical disposition, they end up being religious, to save their life from insanity and ruin.So, happiness is achievable if one is creative and philosophical.

Maharaj Kaul






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