Stillness of Being

In Stillness of Being, his sixth anthology of poems, Indian-American poet, Maharaj Kaul, describes the human conditions we all must experience.

In the poems:

Stillness Of Being

The World I left Behind

A Struggling Dream Never Complete

Hope Never Blinks

Life Is A Playground


A Spiral Of Time

Music Of Earth Will Never Die

The Paradox Of God


and fifty more, the poet reflects on the joys, dreams, suffering, and will to live a man experiences though the grand and mysterious process called human life.

From the poem Stillness of Being:

Mind plots revolutions,

But inner being wants harmony.


Life came with music,

But world moves by agenda.


Childhood was a pristine dream,

But wisdom turned that into a project.


Ambitions vault our existence,

Energy seethes from our pores.


But we came with a faith,

Our elements beckon tranquility.


There is a more sublime state than success,

World wants tumult but soul seeks stillness.

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