Ideas & Thoughts

Ideas are the big building blocks of human mind. Looking through the lens of an idea one is able to draw on the mental resources in a unique way to look at situation. This phenomenon is uniquely human. It needs the resources of knowledge, reasoning, and emotion.  Man’s high mental level is quite a bit dependent on ideas.

Thought  (1):

In 1927 Werner Heisenberg, the twenty-six year old German physicist, announced the formulation of Uncertainty Principle, according to which one could not measure both the position and the momentum of a subatomic particle with precision at the same time. That is, if we measured one with precision, it would be at the cost of the loss of the measurement precision of the other. Only a statistical measurement of both the position and the momentum of a subatomic particle at a given instant and point could be made.

This principle engendered the scientific view that nature at the most basic level operated on a statistical level. That the ultimate physical reality could not be exactly known. This cast a pall over the traditional scientific spirit that given appropriate conditions and tools man could find the ultimate physical reality. Main scientists, chief among them Albert Einstein, protested strongly against this development in science.

The verdict on this nearly three quarter century old scientific debate is still not final. While Quantum Mechanics has been successfully used in practical matters, but its foundation is still unclear. Those people who believe in the soundness of this science, have stretched its logic to other far reaching points of knowledge.

Many adherents of Quantum Mechanics believe that it is man’s consciousness that creates the universe. What is in the universe is decided by man’s consciousness. We create the reality.

(to be continued)

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