This website is the distillation of my literary work done during the last thirty years.

Right from the the first consciousness of my life, I have felt that I belonged to the “other” world. This world seemed to me an obstacle to the world I wanted to be in. As a result, throughout my life, I have struggled with this world to reach to the other world.

I see the trivialization and insult to the human spirit in this world. The value of human life lies in the marvelous state of living consciousness it provides, the range of imagination it is capable of producing, the ideas on things it can generate, the inherent power of the human experience, the obeisance it pays to the nature it feels a part of, the spirit it evokes when it is threatened.

All my life I have felt like a child trying to understand the spirit of nature, whose small part human life is. I am bewildered and tormented to see how common beings belittle and malign human life, not knowing its magic and potential.

My work is to depict and salute the human spirit, to extol it, to perpetuate it.

My poems, articles, and books are directly and indirectly an expression of my honor for the human spirit. Small in measure that they are compared to the possibilities, I feel that within my lifetime I must exert as much as I can to bring out the inherent beauty, power, and magnificence of human life.

Maharaj Kaul

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Where Do We Find You Bhajan?

Where do we find you Bhajan, In the shy Wullar waters of Sopore, Or in the regal Nishat and Shalimar gardens?   Your carefully managed long tresses of hair, Well groomed mustache and stylish kurta and pajama, Created the image … Continue reading

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Walking Toward the Sunset

 There were times when some people thought I was a pure specimen of life, But such adulations were few and far between, Most of my life I was a mystery man.   They came to me as I was clean … Continue reading

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Ode To New Year

 Why are we blindly welcoming the arrival of new year, Weren’t last few years our pained existence?   Does man have wisdom, Or is he a natural phenomenon unguidable?   If man is susceptible to illusions Then why not build … Continue reading

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Trip To Kashmir 2021 (incomplete)

After the painful disruption of my annual visit to Kashmir in 2021 by the covid pandemic, I ventured to visit it in November, 2021. I landed in Srinagar on November 15 and went on exploring my favorite haunts in it … Continue reading

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Reminiscences of Bhabi – Kamla Cherwoo

                                                                            It seems some things in life are destined to fail, especially among those that you cherish the most. When I was a boy, I used to think I would marry a village belle. It was because I … Continue reading

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