Work In Progress

Love Poems

I am taking off from my usual poetry for sometime and am now

writing love poetry. Since the start of this phase about two

weeks ago I have written the following poems:

1. Marred Glow Of Our Love

2. Crescent Plaza At 4 P.M.

3. Endless Weekend

4. Torment Of The Sleepless Night

5. Rendezvous At The Mall

Love poetry is not new to me. In the past I have written the following

poems in this genre:

1. Love

2. What Will You Do When I am Gone?

3. The Meaning Of Love

4. But Alas The World Has Tied My Hands  

5. She Has Changed

Many people are very excited about my new love poems. The thing is that

in the design of human beings God has created this magical relationship

between a man and a woman.

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