The Light Through The Woods

Dreams Of Survival Of Human Soul In The Age Of Technology

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Excerpts From The Book:

“I want to feel the unsmooth, soft earth below my feet, See the uncluttered horizon in full width, Be an element of my community, Know my neighbors’ first names, And visit my grandparents’ graves.”

“For man his life is to discover his soul and live with it – For that he does not need to build skyscrapers.”

“A blade of grass has more wisdom than a library full of books, A sunset is more rewarding than a week’s bull market on Wall St. Where have we lost the mind in the matter, the spirit in the process; Where have we lost the miracle of nature, the life in the world. Man is trapped in the petty materialistic schemes of his brain, While the light through the woods lies unexplored in front of him.”

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In his second compilation of poetry, Kashmiri-American poet Maharaj Kaul explores the shimmering emptiness of modern life.

From the author of Meditations On Time and Inclinations and Reality: The Search for the Absolute comes an exciting new book of poetry, The Light Through The Woods. In it the poet bemoans how modern man has sacrificed his inner freedom and natural joy in living by creating and believing in the present culture of materialism and technology. He believes that man is born with inner freedom, joy, grandeur, and grace but as he grows up the existing culture corrupts him to realize these powerful elements. He strongly urges man to spiritually reconnect with nature to regain his soul.

The poems also celebrate the poet’s stunningly beautiful birthplace, Kashmir, India, and express his joy in reminiscing about his childhood there as well as his sadness as he contemplates the wastefulness of its political struggles and the tragic dispossession and diaspora of his people, Kashmiri Pandits.

The poems also reflect on the drama of human condition and the search of the human values.

Author Bio For Paperback Back Cover And Hardcover Back Flap

Maharaj Kaul was born in Kashmir, India, where he spent his childhood and boyhood. He graduated from Banaras Hindu University, India in electrical engineering and went on to Polytechnic Institute Of New York for the masters degree. He is the author of Inclinations And Reality: The Search For The Absolute, Meditation On Time, Destruction And Injustice: The Tribulations Of Kashmiri Pandits, and Life With Father. He retired from engineering after forty years of work and lives in Suffern, New York.

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