A Time Of Anguish, A Time Of Rebirth Of Faith

A time of anguish, a time of rebirth of faith

Last year on 9/11 an act of mammoth violence was enacted in this country. This is not the first time it has happened in the history of mankind. But every time it happens humanity has to start afresh spiritually.
The scale and the manner of the violence was gruesome, sordid, and heart-wrenching. It seemed as if all the prophets of mankind had forsaken us and our religious and altruistic zeal was an empty cry in the wilderness of evil.
America and the world is recovering from the horror and shock of the event. New hopes and faith are sprouting from the ashes. The heart of humanity has been badly wounded but it is not dead. It seems God wants us to continue with his good work. Everywhere we live or work we must light a lamp of goodness and love, because that is the message we have come with. A 9/11 may break our hearts but it can not tear our spirits.
We are proud with the way people have carried itself through this trying time, we are pleased with the patience and the persistence of our people in fighting for the mission of healing people.
Today we stand in a moment of silence for the anguish 9/11 has caused us but today we also stand in a moment of the rebirth of our faith in our primordial values.

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