Marigolds Bloom In Edison – Thanks To Tikku Sahib’s Mourners

The Passing Away Of Tikku Sahib

The passing away of Tikku Sahib has triggered an avalanche of condolences, to the extent that we find it hard to reciprocate them on one on one basis and in full measure. We are overwhelmed by the emotions engendered by the event. Tikku Sahib would have been deeply moved by such adoration of the people for him. Hidden behind the day to day appearances remain deep emotions of love for and worth of the other human beings that we carry inside us, which only break open when a cataclysmic event like death occurs. In life one is ordinary but in death the angels propel us.

In the aftermath of Tikku Sahib’s passing away we have passed days in torment, daze, astonishment, and benignity of the infinity. We have wondered why he had to go away so untimely and so suddenly, making a mockery of the worldly life and the evolving science of medicine. But we basically accept the agenda of the nature and the mystery of the unknown. We are willing to suffer our pains but have made peace with the wisdom of Gods.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and appreciate the hand of the healer you have extended to us in the hour of our need. We are grateful to you for your love, care, sympathy, and friendship. Who has been able to suffer a profound loss alone?

We look at the lawn of our home and are dazed by the inundating riot of the flower hues in it. The hues coalesce and seem to cry in one sublime symphony: where is the gardener who planted the flowers? We guess he is smiling at us from the above in his supreme majesty and seems to be saying,” Look at the beauty of life and live in the glory of God, he will take care of the journey of your life.” The marigolds, more than the other flowers, Tikku Sahib planted, bloom profusely and scintillatingly.

Tikku Family:


Edison, NJ

Written on behalf of Tikku family
by M. Kaul. Suffern, NY. 9.13.05

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