Nirvana And Insanity


Nirvana is a Buddhist concept which means achieving a state of mind which snuffs out egotism, cravings, hatred, greed, and delusions. This is considered to be the highest level of consciousness.

To achieve nirvana one has to go through a lot of mediation to and understanding. The creative qualities of human mind have to be used to the fullest.

Insanity is a state of mind when faculties of reason, beauty, love, and energy are dysfunctional. Mind is unable to overcome gloom, inertia, darkness, futility of human good, and apathy. The mind envisions of crazy situations where it cannot cope.

Insanity is not fundamentally ingrained in human mind, except in some minds. It is the result of environment and culture, and in some cases heredity.

To achieve nirvana one gathers all the creative faculties of mind and utilizes them to the end result of nirvana. It is a supreme act of creativity, which utilizes numerous details of various mental actions. It overall utilizes the faculty of focusing and concentration. It also uses mind’s observational faculties. Finally, it uses mind’s capacity to sense the wholeness of whatever it observes.

Insanity has many broken parts. It does not see wholeness in what it observes. It often is without overall logic, symmetry, and beauty. Breakdown of logic is one of the often-found problems in it. It is an inharmonious and ungainful function.

In insanity one misses the creative work, the vision of the wholeness and goodness in life. Insanity is the work of illogic, darkness, and dissolution. It misses the contribution of joy and creativity in life. It espouses negativity and disillusionment.

Suffern, Aug. 27, 2012



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