On Eternity

Why is eternity so important in human life? What is it?

Eternity is infinite time or timelessness or cessation of time.

A man wants to reach to a state of mind when time does not matter. To put it another way, when the physical process of living, and living in the world, takes a back seat, and living for certain ideas is all that matters.

The cessation of time permits a state of high-level mental freedom, the most valuable of human experiences. While body has its natural process, mind can think of anything it wants to. This window of opportunity of freedom empowers us greatly.

We wallow and sulk through the journey of life and wonder why. Couldn’t humans have a better deal? The idea of infinity shows the way out. If we could sustain good ideas and feelings on and for life through our physical existence timespan, then we could make our lives more valuable and serene.

God is an idea that transcends every other idea. It gives us the power of faith. Eternity is an idea that sets us free. It does not matter if we die at the end because as long as we believe in eternity we are free of time and all its associated physical trappings. Eternity gives us immortality.


Suffern, New York, April 18, 2016; Rev. Oct. 10, 2023



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