Search for Nirvana and Gabriel Iqbal

The search for nirvana holds such a pull that in every few generations someone attempts to find it. Gabrieal Iqbal, a Canadian, originally from Kashmir, India, states that he has found it in heart intelligence. It seems that the name is not his creation, it has been around for some time.


The concept of heart intelligence rests on the premise that human consciousness rests in human heart and not in human brain, as has been traditionally believed. Furthermore, the supreme creativity of human beings rests in their hearts or emotions as opposed to reason dominated mind. Obviously, it goes against time honored understanding that reason is the supreme architect of human understanding of physical universe as well as man’s inner universe. But Iqbal and some other thinkers believe that both the universes are not mechanical either in their delineation or their functionality. The strength for proposing such a skewed concept is drawn from Quantum Mechanics, which among other    things says it is the human observation that makes reality. But not all of Quantum Mechanics is still on a solid scientific foundation. It is a pity that many immature students of physics use it to further their spiritualistic view of human life and universe.


Iqbal’s view that human beings should be driven by their hearts and not heads (minds) is nothing new. From time immemorial religions, artists, and some philosophers have been saying the same. The only new element is that he is backing it by science, which is wrong, because he is using it wrongly to justify his intuition.


So for my knowledge of Iqbal’s nirvana, heart intelligence, is based on his website. But today I have ordered his book on heart intelligence and I will report on it shortly.


Suffern, New York, January 29, 2018




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