The Introduction To The Second Volume Of Poozai-Posh

Kashmir Overseas Association, U.S.A. presents the second volume of Poozai – Posh, a collection of Kashmiri Pandit religious songs, hymns, and devotional verses.

Spiritualism is an attempt to free human beings from the fetters of their flesh and the shackles of the world, to transcend to the states of beauty, joy, and freedom. This is the highest religion, this the deepest wisdom.

Kashmiri Pandits, scattered now round the world, after a barbaric destruction of their society and security, roots and religious milieu, homes and heritage, by the ongoing political war in their motherland Kashmir, need the spiritual lift of these songs more than ever. They may destroy Kashmiri Pandits’ physical lives but they can not break their spiritual spine.

These songs devoted to praise of God, love of man, and brotherhood of mankind will remain forever elements of Kashmiri Pandit spirit, wherever he or she is.

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