The Legacy Of 9/Il

Eight years after the cataclysmic tragedy of 2001 we stand here today and think why it happened and if it could happen again.
The causes of 9/I I were hatred and anger. These universal states of human mind still exist and it is apparent that they will always be. But the magnitude and frequency of their manifestations will make the difference between the uncivilized and civilized states of the mankind. Controlling these maladies of mind is among the highest goals of religion, culture, and art. Mind is all that we have and its substance and work the fabric of life. As we live through the age of technology our culture has a special burden to cultivate our minds such that the lethal weeds of hatred and anger do not grow. We extol the virtues of freedom that we live in proudly and exultantly but forget that the freedoms to hate and be angry are its greatest enemies. There is no outer freedom without the inner freedom. There is no joy without peace. That is the legacy of 9/11.

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