What is the purpose of human life?

One thing we sure know is that human life as it comes from nature is not exactly the same for everyone. Though there are commonalities, but each life falls into a few personality types. But that is given. Beyond that each life has room for growth. That is the area where we can pin down our values. Environment may play an important role in our growth. Religion, culture, education, economics, and politics are environments. If we control them, we can control the personality to some good extent, but beyond that there is still an area of personality that may not be easy to control.
The question what is the purpose of human life is not a viable one, as the basic set up of man, physical and mental, do not lead to it. Only extraordinary personalities may have purposes in their lives, for the rest it is a continuous struggle between what is available to them from the world they live in, and what they want to have.



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