A Dance without a Tune



When there was everything there was still a vacancy,

When there was a vacancy still something seemed to exist,

Life is a dance often without a tune,

A tryst with God without a commitment.


In the depths of sorrow there is a hope for catharsis,

In the trenches of everyday life there is a prayer for redemption,

Amid the illusions of life there is a saving grace in goals,

In death there is a stepping stone for eternity.


We do not know why we are here,

But the heart feels there is a meaning in its madness,

The road of life is long,

But the prize-less journey has a mysterious momentum.


Is life a concatenation of moments,

Are moments the strands of an elusive fabric,

The enigma of life may be an illusion –

The real thing its connection with nature.



Suffern, New York, August 3, 2017




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