A Marriage Made In Heaven


When Gods conceived of human life,
They kept in mind the metaphors of miracle, beauty, and sublimity;
But it seems they forgot that their creation would have to live in the world.

For man the life on earth is the life in the world –
A cocoon he has more or less woven himself –
Strewn with struggle, chance, and unfairness,
Making life a risky adventure,
Dotted by fabulous possibilities,
But anchored in everyday frustrations.

But lurking behind the dark clouds is the marriage of man and woman.
It may seem that humankind invented it,
But it is clear that it was created in heavens.
The love between a woman and a man is elemental, stellar –
A force transcending everyday life.
If it were not for this inner fire,
We would not be here.

Debbie and Alan did not meet and fall in love,
But while carrying their already existing invisible love for each other,
They stumbled upon each other, igniting the charge.
Marriages are made in heaven,
Just their framework is provided on the earth.

Reflected in Debbie’s and Alan’s happiness
We find our own invisible happiness,
We find our own unions with the bliss, howsoever momentary.
It is in God’s whole vision of life we find joy,
If we learn to underrate our large egos and little schemes.

Let us wish Debbie and Alan a life of unquestionable love,
Of a creative partnership, and a childlike friendship.
Let this union make them whole and liberated.

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