A Rendezvous with Destiny : Anil Zutshi’s Moment with Eternity

A new immigrant came alone
Some fifteen years ago,
Scuttling his home and job in India –
To find a new life in America.

He went through gyrations
Which newcomers must go through,
But never wavering that his path was set –
That his dream would eventually triumph.

His bachelor days were soon over –
When the mother-hen and brood arrived.

In time he built a secure perch,
And seemed to have accomplished his goals.

He had a defiant mien,
Smooth chutzpah,
Have-fun sociability.

But now Lord has recalled him early,
Leaving his work unfinished.

But he is now in a realm
Where angels dance to the glory of eternity,
And there is no hurt.

Note: Tribute paid to Anil Zutshi, who passed away
0n 6.21.15, presumably in his mid-fifties.
Suffern, New York, 6.25.15


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