Existence seems to know the value of its existence,
When experiencing beauty,
It has power, order, and logic in it.

Life is transformed into something indescribable when apprehending beauty,
All human complexity seems to synchronize to register its presence,
It communicates in mysterious ways,
Shortcircuiting the intellect and igniting the senses,
Charging the experience and stretching it.

The idea that all men be treated equally,
Was a milestone in mankind’s thinking,
Just, humane, beautiful.

The ethereal and irenic reflection of moon,
In a clear, placid night,
In a languorous, limpid lake,
Circumfrenced by rhythmic, undulating hills,
Dotted by tall ,slender, regularly placed trees,
Is a sight of mystifying beauty.

In the search of the understanding of gravitational forces,
Newton discovered the Universal Law Of Gravitation,
Which simplified and universalized such forces,
It is a beautiful natural law.

Beauty comes from the mysterious splendor of nature that man feels,
The need for order,
And the yearning to be free.

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