Coming Home To My New Home (rev)

Today I am coming to my new home the first time,
Since I was forced out from the old home of twenty-two years
For my maverick vein.

The new home looks spruced up and elegant,
It is a condo with contemporary styling,
Warm and stylish,
It has ample space and comfort.

But still I feel lonely here –
All the glitter and charm does not make a home,
I am not sure that I will ever feel at home here,
It seems that ultimately I will have to return
to Kashmir, where I was born,
To feel at home.

In man’s long journey he lives in many homes
But ultimately there is only one permanent home
He longs to live in,
After seeing man’s inconsistencies and vicissitudes of the world,
He feels the ultimate home is above him.

Suffern, New York, Sept. 29, 2013; Rev.: 7.30.15

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