Hopes Have Arisen From The Ashes Of K.O.A.

When K.O.A. was chocked and close to death in 2011-12,
Some people steadfastly held the hope that it would rise again.

This has been the history of KOA in about the last decade.
When its leaders have fought the most gutter-level battles
And have brought the institution to almost an end, some
Heroic people have managed to pull it to life again.

But every near-death experience takes its toll
And no one can tell how many such experiences can the institution take.

But today we are not going to talk about its end
But about its future. The possibility of possibilities!

We have to sweepingly change the K.O.A.’s bye-laws
And make every of its officers responsible for his work.

Surinder Kaul ushers in a new hope for K.O.A.,
As he is brave, honest, and modern in thinking.
He thinks he can get groups of KP professionals
Help KOA in special projects.

After being wounded in 2011-12, K.O.A. members
Feel that it may rise again and help with the identity of their kids.

Hope is as divine as a prayer is.
K.O.A.’s work has not been done yet.
KPs still believe that they are never going to become extinct
As they have a purpose in life and a mission to perform.

Let’s give their fantasies a chance,
Their dreams a space,
And their plans opportunities.

Suffern, New York, July 8, 2013

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