In A Woman’s Bosom

She emerged from the wavy and tranquil waters of the lake:

Glistening, limpid, sanguine,

It seemed that she had come for an interlude of fun,

Not in any disappointment with the world,

But with a vision of having fun with herself.

This is an aspect of a woman:

Self-involved, controlled, romantic.


God created man and woman in different images

To satisfy the design of life,

Man is an outsider but woman has roots in earth,

He is a challenger and a searcher,

She is an absorber and nurturer.


Man likes to explore,

But for a woman everything is a rediscovery of herself,

She is what she is

But he is what he would like to be,

A child is his mother’s extension

But his father’s reflection,

Woman possesses but man occupies.


In love woman does not give herself to man

But absorbs him within herself,

While a man gives a part of himself to her,

So when love breaks woman feels empty,

But man feels diminished,

Woman prays to God to absorb his message,

A man prays to become his message.


Life is not divided between absorption and radiation,

Between being and becoming,

Between reflection and action,

But it is a juxtaposition of many indispensable gems.


A woman endeavors to live within nature,

To her a lot of the architecture of politics

And business woven by man is irrelevant,

If it were left to her the world would be more peaceful,

Like a lake she is self-contained,

While man raids, she assimilates,

Her world is her universe.


If man is the searing energy of sun,

Woman is the soothing shade of an evening,

If man is the creator of the world,

Woman is the relief from its excesses.


Time is till moist with woman’s tears,

In her bosom lie compassion and tenderness,

She is the long-awaited shore for her tempest-tossed lover,

A sane instinct for life over its destruction,

Woman’s genius for life has yet not been appreciated,

She is a ray of light which has yet not been given

A chance to fully illuminate the canvas of life.



Suffern, New York, Oct. 14, 2010; Sept., 2018; March 16,2019






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