Let’s Forget We Ever Met

The torment of your silence has put me through the wringer of self-doubt,
I will do anything to free myself from the gyrations of my pain,
Even death is a fair price for regaining my freedom.

God gave us a stupendous gift of a heart,
But for his amusement he wrapped it with an irony,
Life burns in every hue until it is snuffed by a heartbreak.

Yes, I have the solace of poetry to pad my wounds,
But every artist is in exile within his own heart,
Joy has a moment but sorrow has a lifetime to play.

It does not matter that I suffer,
God has created life a stunning work of art,
But using the beautiful threads of pain.

I am willing to bleed,
As long as I can follow the dream,
Without having to defend myself to the world.

Success is fixed by tinsel strands but dreams are woven in truths,
World and God befall our every step,
Between the two our life hangs in a shimmering uncertainty.

Time does not rewrite,
Our every moment is our latest history,
Every breath is empowered by a tomorrow.

Let’s unlink our dreams,
Freeze every atom of our love for each other,
Let’s forget we ever met.

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