Music of Earth Will Never Die

Heathens will create commotion but creepers will dance,

Wars will ravage mankind but mountains will never flicker.


Man’s greed will scar the earth but spring will never alter,

Politics will corrode human ways but waterfalls will not be swayed.


Man knows more with time but nature is constant,

Ego rules but nature nurtures.


Where did life come from we will never know,

What is human soul will forever remain obscure.


God is mysterious but mean he is not, our search for him cannot stop,

We thirst for riches but the inner poverty we ignore.


We have two currents in life, inner and outer,

But we cannot choose between them.


Our deepest desires are often out of touch with nature,

Our greatest failures are often inner.


Man is a frivolous player on the stage of life,

He frets and fumes and ends in smoke.


Hopes are corrupted sadness, ambitions skewed dreams,

A moment is a misconception of eternity, eternity a dimension of nature.


The world will continue to wither but roses will continue to bloom,

Sorrows of man will not vanish but the music of earth will never die.



Suffern, New York, September 21, 2017




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