Nature Of Love (rev)

We do not know what love is,
But feel its presence unmistakably when it possesses us,
Is it just a state of mind or architecture of a relationship?

In the long journey of life
Man goes through many things,
But there is always an ā€œIā€™ accompanying him,
It is the absence of this ā€œIā€ which lays down the ground for love,
When we forsake our ego we open doors for higher experiences,
Love is the infinite caring for another without expecting any reward –
It is the ultimate renunciation of self.

It is a miracle of nature that a woman and a man,
Who are so different, fall in love,
A woman is an extension of earth,
While man is a ray of sun roaming aimlessly,
In love a woman does not give herself to a man,
But she absorbs him into herself,
While a man in love gives himself to a woman.

Love is not an invention of culture,
But a sublime state of mind created by nature,
It is a delicate but a ravishingly beautiful flower,
That needs the right conditions for it to grow and blossom fully.

Love is a state of unbounded bliss,
Where feelings, thoughts, and ideas coalesce,
To find beauty and purpose in existence.

Love unites on earth two resplendent stars in the firmament,
As God wants their union to fulfill His divine design.

Note : This poem was written for the marriage of Kavita Patel (my niece) and Nitin Goyal
It was narrated by me on their Mehandirat, on June 8, 2012, at Mariott Hotel,
North Bethesda, Maryland.
Suffern, New York, May 18, 2012; Rev 1: 10.24.14; Rev. 2: 6.24.15

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