Neha We Hardly Knew You – A Tribute

Today we feel hard to describe you,

But we remember your quiet ways,

Muted charm, soft love,

Tough silent determination.


When you were a bubbling buxom baby,

The joy you ignited trumped the future possibilities,

Though you grew in a modest footprint,

Little did we know you would one day light a torch.


When you arrived to be a young maiden,

You met your goals in graceful excellence,

Things looked pregnant on the horizon,

Future beckoned.


Your wedding with Kartikeya

Was a rainbow of celebrations,

Joy intoxicated our dreams,

Love crackled the air.


Your life swooned in its potentialities,

Aariyana arrived soon to fill the boat,

The trajectory of your life moved over wave-crests,

Destination unknown.


But God had different plans,

He wanted you to be close to Him,

So He called you earlier than usual,

You now have higher goals than on earth.


You leave behind many smiles,

Many encouraged hearts,

Many love-filled memories,

But Neha we hardly knew you.


This is a tribute written for Neha Ganju Tanna, daughter of Deepak and Chandra Ganju of   Florida, who passed away on October 23, 2016.


Suffern, New York, October 25, 2016




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