The Enigma of Bhajanji

We hardly knew you Bhajanji,

A year has passed since you unexpectedly left us,

A year of intense suffering and slow-burning pain.


We searched for you in the corners of the world and heavens,

But only in the recesses of our hearts and contours of our minds

We saw your smiles and songs well anchored.


While on earth you were an enigma hidden in a charm,

Your pains and joys were carefully wrapped up,

Only clue to your soul was in your music.


Wherever you are give us a smile from time to time,

As your absence has changed our rhythm and colors,

We are searching for new anchors and new meanings.


But you left the world of music in a better shape than before,

You bought harmony and intensity in its pursuit,

Joy and freedom in its absorption.



Suffern, New York, July 17, 2023


maharaj.kaul @yahoo.com


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