The Meaning Of Love

M. Kaul

The meaning of love could be found in stars,
But one does not have to go that far;
The value of love could be plumbed in the
depths of one’s soul,
But one does not have to go that deep.

The power of love is felt in the heave of one’s heart,
Its beauty in the mystery of the relationship
between the two lovers,
Its music in the silences punctuating their

Love is truth
And truth is beauty,
Together love, truth, and beauty
Weave the fabric of
Human soul, consciousness, and cosmos.

Love breathes immortality at every point,
It transcends consciousness and world.
It is the ultimate idea
Which carries human beings to God.

Love is a song as well its silence,
It is a vision as well its impossibility,
It is a dream as well its death.

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