Two New Flowers Have Blossomed In Our Garden

Today two new flowers have blossomed in the garden of our lives,
A binary pair of stars have just glowed in the firmament,
The confluence of two rivers has created a new majestic lake.

Every marriage of a man with a woman
Signifies that God wants the humankind to continue
The miracle of life, the fire of consciousness.

Kevin and Aparna’s union is the union of our souls with the eternal,
Their joy beckons the stirrings of our souls,
Their dreams merge with our dreams.

The wedding is only a moment,
But it is much larger than many other moments in life,
It is an enduring hope that love will transcend the imperfections of the world.

Today a lamp has been lit,
Its illumination will bring new luster to the world,
Enkindle a new fire in our lives.

This poem was composed for the wedding of Aparna Bhan and Kevin King and was recited by me at their wedding reception at Birchwood Manor, Whippany, New Jersey, on 3.12.11.

Suffern, N.Y., 3.12.11 www.kaulscorner.com

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