What Will You Do When I Am Gone?

When the sky shines blue
And a tremulous and luscious breeze is afloat
And when an evening lifts up into an ethereal mood,
Do not think of me but pay homage to the majesty of nature,

When the intimations of spring steal through winter
And hope rushes and stands on insubstantial ground,
Delight in tomorrow to be,
Let faith cross the chasms.

Each daybreak is a faith that God thinks of us,
Each heartbeat is a tribute to his work.
Life is a boat sailing on the heaving bosom of nature,
Its glory is transcendent.

The churn of the day to day worldly turmoil
Is a distraction to the spirit of man.
Each worldly involvement is a moment lost
In the pursuit of the eternal.

Take the world in a detached way,
Never surrendering your freedom and peace.
Live for larger than life goals,
Keeping in view the grandeur of life.

Touch the ills of the world,
Reduce a little of its sorrow,
Ease a trifle of its burden,
Redeem a sliver of its natural glory.

My life came to its natural end,
A long journey’s just culmination.
It crossed your path,
But your way must remain undeflected.

Let my shadow not mar your light,
My history create detours in your plans.
Live for your dreams,
Past will settle by itself.

Do not burden yourself with my absence –
I belong now to the particles of the universe.
Afloat in its timelessness,
Part of its immensity.

I am with you all the time.
You can see me in the gusts of breeze
Greeting the wild flowers,
In blueness of the sky on a clear bright day.

I am in the drops of a rain falling torrentially
After a long sultry day.
In the mysterious calm of a lake;
In the silence on the high mountaintops.

We are bound by eternal love –
The one that does not know the world.
Propelled by its own engine;
It seeks a God unknown.

Suffern, New York,




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