The First Blog

This site is dedicated to the exchange of ideas. Ideas are the significant building blocks of our understandings and values, which create the roadmap of the life for individuals and the humankind. I want the members of the site to discuss their philosophical, cultural, and artistic ideas on this site. I want the site to be a pulsating node of critical thinking. Beyond the ideas themselves, it is their exchange, their discussion, which weaves the web of high human culture. I subscribe to Lessing’s saying, “The search of truth is more important than its possession.”

The Future

Future, in its connotation with human life, is the subject of my first blog.

Though man’s life is heavily guided by past but it is present and future that gives his life the highest meaning.

But actions cannot be good unless we know which of them are good. To know that we have to have the knowledge of what is good and what is bad in life. Which in turn compels us to think and learn. Thinking and learning are complex. What a common man thinks in our times is the culmination of thousands of years of human evolution. So, we are an evolving phenomenon, as there is no universal agreement on many important things in life.

In the distant past the heavy burden of survival created a lot of thinking about life. Survival is still a significant consideration in our value systems but man has learnt in the recent millennia that there are values beyond it. Culture used to be the environment where our philosophy was born in and grew in. But culture has suffered many setbacks on the hands of the developing individualism. And individualism is diverse and inconsistent, even in the same country.

A hundred years from now, how will man’s thinking be? We will touch on this subject in the future blogs.

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