A Remnant Of Time

Back Cover Message:

In the fourth compilation of poetry, Kashmiri-American poet, Maharaj Kaul, further explores the elements that make the inner life of a human being.
The theme of the book, continued from his earlier works, The Light Through The Woods, Meditation On Time,
and A Beautiful Pain, that the journey of human life, as practiced in the age of technology, is greatly flawed by the modern culture.

Today’s man’s soul is tarnished by the tremendous stress he lives under by the demands on his energy and time. He has lost the values of relaxedness and reflection. His lean contact with other human beings and less than ardent family relationships have enlarged his loneliness. Furthermore, the accent on materialism has crippled his joy in the wonder of life. All in all, he feels an invisible inner emptiness while in the lap of material security.

The poems also reflect on the human condition and the search for the human values.

A visionary collection of poems warning man of not losing his umbilical connection with nature, which is the source of religion, art, and science.

The central message of the book is that man should resist the inhuman thrust of materialism and technology and preserve the grandeur of his soul, with which he was gifted by nature when he arrived in the world.



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