Daughters In Law Bill Of Rights

The old idea that a daughter-in-law is a slave, a hired-hand, or a house-keeper shall be banished for all times to come. Instead she shall be looked upon as a life-partner of the family’s son, an agent to propagate the family line, a beloved daughter who has left her home to enhance the quality of her husband’s home,

In-laws shall at all times treat daughters-in-law with dignity, charm, and courtesy. This treatment shall be significantly augmented when their husbands are present with them.

The mother-in-law shall at all times consult the daughter-in-law in all significant matters which would involve her husband. She shall be treated an equal to her husband.

The daughter-in-law shall always have a higher status in the home than the sisters-in-law, both unmarried and married. The sisters-in-law shall treat the daughter-in-law with proper respect.

Never shall the in-laws show disrespect to daughter-in-law’s family in her presence. When her family members visit her husband’s home they shall be treated with high respect and courtesy. All the gifts given by her family shall be passed on to the daughter-in-law intact. (No commissions allowed)

After a full day’s office work the daughter-in-law shall be massaged by the mother-in-law. After the return from her office, a daughter-in-law shall not be expected to do any work. She can be lying on a sofa watching T.V. or listening to music, while the mother-in -law should be cooking the evening supper and later do the dishes. Laundry is another item which a working daughter-in-law shall never have to do when the mother-in-law is at home. Each morning, before the daughter-in-law’s going to work, the mother-in-law shall find out from her the day’s food menus.

The mother-in-law and the sisters-in-law shall never be allowed in the daughter-in-law’s bedroom and the bathroom.

Any in-law wanting to stay with the daughter-in-law and her husband has to primarily get the permission from the former. She will command an absolute veto in this matter.

The husband shall never give any money or gifts to his mother, sisters, brothers, and any relatives without the express permission of his wife.

On the daughter-in-law’s birthday all close in-laws shall arrange a feast for her and shower her with gifts but not stay at her home for that night, to let the husband and wife enjoy the night of the wife’s birthday.

The mother, sisters, and brothers in-law shall never call the husband at his work. All calls shall be made in the evenings and weekends, when the daughter-in-law is in the house. In the same manner no letter shall be written by the close in-laws directly to the husband, there shall always be joint letters written to them.

When the daughter-in-law is at her in-laws she shall never be asked to do any work. She shall be treated lavishly as a V.I.P. She shall be praised all the time and her achievements and personality extolled. During such stays and at any other time when the close in-laws are around, the daughter-in-law’s children shall be fully taken care of , including the diaper changing.

The daughter-in-law’s picture shall conspicuously adorn the homes of the close in-laws.

M.Kaul 12.25.02
Suffern, N.Y.

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