How Do I Feel Now That I have Retired?

Some of my friends, fellow Kaul’s Corner readers, have been asking me now that I have retired how do I feel? Yesterday, the same question was put to me by a relative (who does not visit Kaul’s Corner site). Here is what I wrote to him:
How Do I Feel Now That I have Retired?
Life makes a lot more sense to me now than before. Having worked 40 yrs. for organizations,
whose single goal was to make money, I feel like a freed prisoner. Human soul is not cut out
to be commercialized. We must work to make the gargantuan human systems work but beyond that a billion money making enterprises that exist now are sheer blindness and insanity. They are there because human beings of our civilization do not know how else to live. A good bit of modern life is sheer travesty. A vast expenditure of emotion and energy for goals that do not connect with the human spirit. It is in fact a colossal misunderstanding. We can channelize the human ingenuity, spirit, and ambition more beneficially for the human race by going a different way than the Wall St. So much of human life has been turned into a senseless process of money making, which corrupts the fabulous human personality, and renders it soulless. I have tried to say these things in my little poem ( Walking The Last Footsteps In This World) you read, as I have done in most of my literary work.
I feel I am now in touch with the spark of life God gives us when we are born. But alas the
time left to me is short, nevertheless, I will do the very best I can do to tell my fellow human beings to walk off from the materialism they are trapped into and see “the light through the woods.”


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