Husbands Bill Of Rights


Even with the changing social mores in the world this Bill Of Rights deeply believes that husbands of the world have some inalienable rights, which can not be compromised, abridged, or diluted. These rights have governed marital and family life for thousands of years and served humanity well , evolved as they have through experience, religion, and wisdom. Post-industrial culture has tinkered with them at the cost of incurring significant losses in individual, family, and societal spheres.


A husband shall always be the most important person in a wife’s life.
A wife shall always deliver tender loving care to her husband.
While a wife is absolutely equal to her husband but it is the husband who has the last word in the decisions affecting the family.

A husband may sometimes be found not right but he shall never be declared wrong.

Everyday at the end of husband’s hard work day the wife has to comfort him in more than one way. He has to be hugged and kissed and offered his best drink, followed by a delicious and sumptuous dinner. At bedtime he has to be treated with blazing romance culminating in heavenly bliss.

The husband shall not have to do anything with child rearing, cooking, cleaning, grocery, bill-paying, and Christmas card writing. God, in his infinite wisdom, has put them in wife’s domain of responsibility. If serious problems arise in these areas wife may seek husband’s help.

The wife shall never interfere in husband’s PC work, he can work as long on it as he sees fit. Same thing holds true for his TV, sports, and newspaper activities. Same is also true for his staying late at work. In fact, the later he comes from work the more the wife has to apply the measures of Item 5.

While the wife remains the most beautiful woman on earth for the husband but the husband shall be allowed to have the roving eye for the other women. (This is only for him to exercise his skills and rejuvenate his energies.) (The wife shall never look for lipstick marks and long hair on husband’s clothes and look into his pockets. His Address Book shall be off-limits to her.)

The wife shall never cut short her husband from drinking and eating at anytime and anywhere.

A husband never has to show personal letters he writes to others to his wife.

It shall be wife’s responsibility to arrange and keep ready to wear her husband’s office and home clothing.

It is wife’s responsibility to pick up incoming telephone calls and also to deliver difficult messages to people involving family and business disputes.

The husband shall control T.V., Video, DVD, C.D., and Cassette remote controls.

In case of problems in garage husband’s car shall stay in garage and wife’s car in driveway.

Mail collection, newspaper pickup and turning on and off outdoor lighting shall be wife’s responsibility.

A wife shall never interfere with a husband’s right to treat his in-laws as he thinks fit.

M.Kaul 2.9.03
Sufffern, N.Y.

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