Rally To Protest Pakistan’s Presentation Of Kashmir Case In UN

To launch a strong and stirring protest to Pakistan’s continuing campaign of death, destruction, and dismemberment in Kashmir to acquire it, we want the Kashmiri community in U.S. and Canada to participate in a rally in front of U.N. Headquartes in N.Y. City, on 10-4-94, when Pakistan presents its Kashmir case to the U.N. General Assembly.
The massacre of eight thousand people in Kashmir has wrecked havoc in the Kashmiri life and psyche. Three-hundred thousand members of the innocent Hindu minority were forced to flee from their homes to find refuge outside the Valley. Many of their abandoned homes were later burned down by the militants and their supporters. Most of the refugees are living in sub-human conditions, on $30 per month Government provided dole, without occupation, without proper education for their children, and without hope of return to decent life , dignity, or Kashmir.
The Kashmir crisis has reached a point where it is possible that we may lose it in not so distant future. This calamity will bring unspeakable pain to the Kashmiris worldwide, dismember India of an ancient and significant part, trigger the withering away of a finely tapestried culture, and turn the decades old echo of historical tranquility in the region into a wider war and chaos.
We want the Kashmiri community to demonstrate in the protest rally that they will fight the Pakistani brutal aggression and tear apart the lies it is going to speak in the U.N. and they will tell the world the truth of Pakistan’s inhuman, sordid, evil-designs in Kashmir,
Your presence is required to send the message to U.N. loud and clear that truth and justice will prevail over lies and evil. The enemies of Kashmir have held the ground for a long time, but now they are running out of tricks and time. They have aroused the wrath of a patient people and challenged their will. If Kashmir dies can we live, and if we live can we let Kashmir die.
Rally Data
Date: 10-4-94 , Time: 12:00 to 3:00 P.M. , Location : U.N. Headquarters, N.Y. City

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