The Indomitable Kashmiri Spirit


Brothers and sisters:
I speak here today on behalf of the women of Kashinir who have lost their sons and husbands; neighbors and friends; who have lost their homes and neighborhoods; and who have lost their peace of mind and sanity.
The enchantingly beautiful land of Kashmir and its intrinsically tranquil and peaceful people have been systematically and cataclysmically destroyed by the blind greed and barbarism of its neighbor, Pakistan. It will take decades to restore what Kashnür has lost, both materially and spiritually.
We want the Pakistani delegation to the United Nations to realize that the capture of Kashmir will not improve their country’s terribly impoverished economical, political, and morale conditions. When the Pakistan Government can not take care of its own country, how can it take care of Kashinir. It has to stand on its two legs and improve the conditions of its people, and not divert their attention from the dire problems they are facing by dangling the bounty of Kashmir in front of them. Annexation of parts of other countries on the basis of religion is extreme backwardness.
We want the Pakistani delegates to hear the message loud and clear that Kashmir belongs to Kashmlris and they have chosen to be with India in 1947, after Pakistan tried and failed to capture the whole of Kashmir. If Pakistan has any moral caliber, it must free the part of Kashmir it has been occupying forcibly for the last forty-five years.
The mothers, daughters, and sisters of Kashmir want Pakistan to know that each day it brutalizes Kahmiris, each time it mutilates Kashmir, it earns the hatred of Kashmiris and the civilized people of the world, and it strengthens their resolve to fight the enemy.
Guns will not silence our voice and lies will not change our mind. The spirit of truth is awake and the concern for justice is at work.
Long live Kashmir, long live its mothers, daughters, and sisters.
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M. Kaul, 9-30-94

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