The Heart Of Humanity Is Healing And Its Spirit Is Awake

Two years ago on 9/11 we were very badly rattled by the events of the day — our hearts tearing massively and our spirits nearly dead.
Two years later we find that our hearts though are still bleeding profusely but they are beating energetically and our spirits are alive again and trying to resume their old stride.
Evil has never been victorious over the human spirit. Deep down us we hate it and therefore we are never impressed by its worldly victories. 9/Il was a massive act of evil designed to break the American spirit but as we all know that it miserably failed in achieving its goals. Ironically, it has doubled the resolve of America to defeat it and it has brought Americans closer to each other than ever before. 9/11 has made us value our freedom more than before and it has made us protect human life more than before.
The Herculean efforts have been made to restore the lives of the families affected by 9/11 and the outpouring of love, sympathy, and compassion for the victims has been stupendous. The ongoing war against terrorism has been swift, sweeping, and spirited. The spirit of Americans has never been greater, their commitment to overpower evil never deeper.
Evil has no legs to stand on, it is doomed from the instant of its conception. In fact evil may be God’s design to test the mettle of human beings.

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