Meaning Of Death

Much ink has been used in reflecting on the meaning of death in human life in the recent history, much verbal energy has been expended to do the same. But universally accepted conclusions have not been reached. It is obvious to realize that there never will be any.

The essence of a human being is his consciousness, which is difficult to understand; while his physical system, though awesome, lends itself to an understanding.

The way a human being lives, besides physically, is an intricate phenomenon. We come with a certain mental system and possess certain mental inclinations, but there is good room for importing some things into this natural system. That is, human life is not all determined, it has a capacity in it for the exercise of free will. This hybrid nature of human life throws many people off the track of understanding its nature.

Death should not matter in the mental journey of a human being because we are guided by a consciousness at the intrinsic level such that we can accept death in its physical form. If we focus on the fabric of human consciousness, we will feel liberated from the shackles of the physical and worldly burdens that are a drag on our possible fulfilled states of existence.

Death is meaningless if we keep in mind the nature of the consciousness we are endowed with and the consciousness we can supplement it with and the role they together play in human life.

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