Why Science Cannot Replace Religion?

Science is an attempt to understand the physical universe without the help of god. Ever since homo sapiens sapiens developed a sensible awareness of the reality outside themselves, the fear of the external world became a major concern. As their consciousnesses developed incrementally it became a tangible weapon to counter it. The beginnings of the human religion started form these ordinary circumstances.

After several millennia, human beings started to harness the lethal powers of nature. Understanding gradually took root in human mind. After a long reign of religion over it, human mind matured to look at reality devoid of any supernatural influence. The world of science was born.

Science tries to understand nature, including man, as a congregation of fundamental building blocks of matter. Science tries to find the laws that bind these. Therefore, for science, the entire universe is a collection of the tiniest particles of matter that interact with each other according to certain laws. The grand vision of science is to find all the different particles and all the laws that bind them.

Science has nothing to do with human mind and god. Because of this it cannot help human beings in the matters of happiness, search for the absolute, and god – entities that have a significant influence on the behavior of human mind. Some people think that while science may not have a direct effect on human mind, but some of its inferences should affect the mind. But such thinking is speculative at this time as we do not much about universe and not much about the inner workings of an elementary particle.

Many of the working of human mind are subjective and, therefore, beyond the scope of scientific inquiry. For example, happiness is a subjective mental state. Similarly, the concept of god is more imaginative than factual. Morality is also a non-scientific concept.

So, as of now religion has the much higher seat in the arena of human mind than science has. In fact, it will always be so, because human mind is quite a bit man-made, unmindful of universal laws.

Suffern, New York, 12.10.12

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