Intro Letter

Dear Friends;
It gives me great pleasure to tell you that my website Kaul’s Corner has been completely revamped. The new website, also called Kaul’s Corner (www.kaulscorner.com), is live now.

The scope of the site has been greatly expanded by the creation of the following new sections in it:
• Ideas And Thoughts
• Work In Progress
• Music
• Videos
• Family Background
• Newsletter
• Blog

The Picture Gallery has now new pictures in it and lends itself to the full-screen enlargement of the pictures. But Picture Gallery, Family Background, and Video sections will be inaccessible to non-members. But becoming a member is extremely simple. Just fill the New Member section and you will be sent a password.

The new site has all the 108 poems I have written and most of the articles.
This site is dedicated to the exchange of ideas. Ideas are the significant building blocks of our understandings and values, which create the roadmap of the life for the individuals and the humankind. I want the members to discuss their ideas on philosophy, culture, and art on this site. I want the site to be a pulsating node of critical thinking. Beyond the ideas themselves, it is their exchange, their discussion, which weaves the web of high human culture. I subscribe to Lessing’s saying, “The search of truth is more important than its possession.” I encourage you to invite other like-minded people to become the members. The raison d’etre for the site can be summed up thus:

Let us steal moments from our
Materialistic and technological cages
And share our thoughts
On the vast mystery of life.
Let us try to find why we are here in the first place
And find out how we can touch a corner of eternity
That seems to be so pervasively around us,
Yet we are unable to touch it.

Please write your comments and suggestions about the improvement of the site in the Guestbook section. Video, Picture Gallery, and Music sections are very thin at this time and will be expanded in the next few months.

Maharaj Kaul

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