A Light Shines In Andover

Maharaj Kaul

He mingles with people with adroit ease,

Making the banter seem spontaneous and smooth.

But little do people know that behind that lie

A lifetime’s efforts to acquire wisdom

His developed sense of survival,

His naturalness and modesty are of peasant stock.

He dips into Kashmiri day-to-day wisdom

And folklore to ease the tyranny of modern life.

He has transformed his personal misfortunes

Into absorbents for future pain:

Wounds into wisdom,

Fortitude into faith.

Impossible it is to emulate a master’s talents,

Grown as they have through a long immersion

In the search of how to live,

On the merciless saw of life.

He shines through in spite of his efforts

To hide from the insanities of the world.

Brightening the space,

Warming the hearts.

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