A Mirror Doesn’t Always Reflect The Truth (rev)

What is truth, we may never know.

Spiritualists think that God did not want
humans to know the whole truth,
Because that would make them lose the value of faith.

What is beyond material particles and forces binding them,
The source of the forces and what enables them?
Could the forces have been different,
Could the architecture of universe have been different? –
Questions that haunt us in search of the truth.

The structure of material particles is still a mystery –
A mirror simply reflects it,
But it is not how God has designed it.

But we are certain that nature follows laws,
The search of which is the essence of science.

Man has the capability to fathom God,
But first he has to shun a lot of baggage
he has been carrying over eons.
Note: Q.M. – Quantum Mechanics

Suffern, New York, Sept. 14, 2012; Rev.: 6.24.15

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