A Moment In Time

The evening unfolded in resplendent lights and colors:
Beautiful women with charming dresses
Draped the gathering in mirth and grace.
The new Kaul house opened up at the first sighting
Like a ravishing new sculpture by a still-pure new artist:
Spaces melting into each other, blending form with function.
The smell of the new furniture mixed with the aroma of the food waiting to be eaten.
The occasion to celebrate Shiva and Druva’s yagneopavit
Lifted the mood of the party to a delicious lightness.
The superior cup of kheva at the outset further loosened the social inhibitions:
People become less self-conscious and more giving to the moment.
Rajni’s cooking was authentic Kashmiri – several notches higher than the usual.
Her ever-present friendly smile made the place comfortable the moment you entered it.
Rabinder’s calm demeanor and his pious aura made some nervous
But he balanced it by offering the mood elevating drinks in a low-key self-serve way to the surprise of the many.
The after-dinner soiree of the Kashmiri music by its priest, Rakesh Kaul,
Transported people to the old Kashmir that is no more.
It was a smoothly elegant celebration even without the participation of the main celebrants – Shiva and Dhruva.
Departing the house I felt that the new house will provide Kauls with many pearls of happiness.

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