A Reflection From The Mirror Of God

Maharaj Kaul

I have been driving long and hard,
Over the tortuous, rugged terrain.
The struggle was occasionally relieved
By splendid, seductive scenery on the way.

During the journey many times I thought of quitting,
As the prize did not seem worth the perspiration and the anguish.
But the drive to continue was unrelenting.
Its insane impulse was as troubling
As it was mysterious.

Now I am within the euphoria range of my destination –
My home – my answered prayers –
The essence of my existence.
My road is finally ending.

Stepping inside the home
I was shocked and dazzled
To see a cosmic glow all around,
Suffused with a hypnotic music,
Ensconcing me to a permanent dream,
And around me angels danced with magical rhythms.

There was nothing in the home now
Like the way it used to be.
I wondered if I could live here anymore.
But gradually I realized that
I was in the other-world
And would not be returning to earth.
I was now in an imperishable home,
Immersed in a new consciousness.

In my new home there is no beginning and no end –
Everything is eternal.
There are no desires and there are no thoughts,
No success and no failure.
I experienced a revelation
That everything in cosmos is
A reflection from the mirror of God.

Suffern, New York, 2.14.10

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