A Spiritual Miasma Above Dal Lake (rev)

Dal Lake is only about five square miles large,
But above it stretches many more times a miasma
Laced with spirit, beauty, and spirituality.

Have you ever flown over Dal Lake
And discovered how beautiful she looks –
More than it does at the level of the water?

Why do things look different from a height?
Is it because God looks us from the above?

The look from the above is the work of the master creator:
He sculpts things from upside down,
That is why the small details disappear,
Only the miracle remains.

Why did God create Dal Lake?
To provide a sight of great beauty,
To keep humans in His thrall.

Dal Lake, perhaps, has been around for a few thousand years,
And may remain that long in future,
We are just middle-men in the vast enterprise of nature.
Note: Dal Lake is in Srinagar, Kashmir, India.

Suffern, New York, Rev.: 7.30.2015

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