A Struggling Dream Never Complete

There were opportunities that would have

Lifted my soul out of wear and rut,

Giving me new dimensions,

I squandered in idealism or ignorance.


There were dreams that knocked on my soul

That would have lifted it to the stars,

Which I ignored out of false fulness,

In narcissistic immodesty.


There were human beings who extended

Their hands in warm friendship,

That would have created uplifting relationships,

Which I rejected in self-centeredness.


There were ideas that would have taken me to God

That I laughed at to keep my reason alive,

I believed in nature instead –

The road that is resonant but not transcendent.  


All these things if I had

Would not still have made my life easy,

In fact it would still be the same,

As life is a struggling dream never complete.



Suffern, New York, May 17, 2018




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