Change of Season at South Grove

Winter careened in definitely and defiantly,

As fall’s brownish mosaic wilted without a wail,

Carnations and chrysanthemums swayed in silent prayer,

While lilies and holly berries stood the ground in demurred elegance


The grayness of winter though unalluring

Strengthens resolve and filters fantasies,

Making home a cherished spot,

Life a settled journey.


March lost winter’s last frozen fury

And there was an orphan-stretch:

Despondency or hope, which to adopt?

But hesitation gradually peeled off for the hope of spring.


The world prizes spring for its resurgence

Of faith and fervor,

Plentifulness and adventure,

Dreaminess and purpose.


In spring cherry blossoms, dahlias, hyacinths

Blaze the grounds,

Giving us visions

That our journeys are not empty dreams.


Unfolding of nature over seasons

Tells us it has a purpose,

Humans only the middlemen

Of a vast enterprise.


Visits to South Grove Nursery

Are visits to a temple,

To absorb the enterprise and aura of nature,

Offer a benediction.




Suffern, New York, June 11, 2016



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