Chasing The Shadows Of Dadu

Maharaj Kaul

She came to the party like a princess, though without a crown,
To win the hearts of people,
But not to impress their egos.

She moved around with deft grace,
Working her fluid, serene smile
To connect with people,
Without uncovering her inner-self.

Little does the world know who Dadu is –
As she has carefully covered herself
In layers of sweet amiability and traditional propriety.
She presents herself so perfectly
That it seems she could never do any wrong.

Everyone’s life is a presentation to the world
And a presentation to one’s God.
The gap between the two is the story of civilization
And for man the still unfinished quest to find the absolute.
We are fortunate to see what we are able to see of her.

Suffern, N.Y., 12.9.09

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