Echoes of Emptiness

There is no solace that I can find:

Sky looks forlorn

And the air feels stationary –

Emptiness has pitched a camp


Maybe sorrow is the reality,

Joys only a punctuation mark,

In the long narrative of life

Illusions are more powerful than the truth.


Running as fast I can,

Days turn into weeks,

Weeks into months –

But what is the race for?


It is true that empty stomach aches,

But humans have other hungers:

Search for God, love, beauty,

And music of the soul.


But today’s soulless world

Has pushed these sublime strivings aside,

And substituted materialism –

The ultimate prize


I feel a child abandoned in cosmos –

Orphan of time and space,

There is no past, there is no future –

Tyranny of present seems sternal.


The world is the inescapable cage,

I feel a leaf tossed in economics,

An unlisted number in society,

At a train station but destination unknown.



Suffern, New York, June 23,2017



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