Elegance At A Rain-ruined Party

Maharaj Kaul

She looked out in a serene gaze
At a group of people babbling,
At a well-prepared outdoor rural party,
Ruined by deep drenching, inundating showers.

But was she really looking out?
Her unruffled poise, clean demeanor,
Deceptively casual presence –
All conspired to make her
A well-hidden elegant mystery at the scene.

Many missed her enigmatic allure,
Her outwardly quiet being.
Every human being is partially hidden:
We do not know behind the two still eyes,
Sequestered lie deep desires, fulminating frustrations,
Ruins of the past.

Peering through the lens of my new SLR digital,
I saw a superb shot of hers and jumped at the shutter,
Lest I missed it in a whisper of a moment.
I saw the instant results on the camera screen,
And strode away with a twinkle in my eyes.

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